5-407003-2-1 Contact: Teachers Guide (16mb) 83 pagesPIN
5-1044Abiyoyo ~ ESL
Reading Rainbow series (3389k)
2-5137Acquaintance Rape, Drugs and You (82k)
1-8990Adaptations for Survival in the Sea (484k) PIN
5-45940African Plant Explorer - Activity Book
Wonder Wise series (1.7mb)
5-45941African Plant Explorer: Fatimah Linda Collier Jackson - Biography
Wonder Wise series (876k)
1-9821Age of Anxiety (297k) PIN
1-9265AIDS: The Teen Guide to Living (58k)
5-4395Alejandro's Gift
Reading Rainbow series (85k)
5-4482Always My Dad
Reading Rainbow series (57k)
1-8641American Revolution: Declaration of Independence & War (313k) PIN
1-8628American Revolution: Rebellion and Preparing to Fight (309k) PIN
1-8266Amphibian Egg Development (272k) PIN
1-8384Animal Life In A Tidepool (661k) PIN
5-4575Animals! Animals!
Backyard Safari series (198k)
5-4397Archibald Frisby
Reading Rainbow series (85k)
1-9089Atomic Structure: Mapping an Invisible World (89k)
1-9111Backstroke (79k)
1-8882Beneath The Caribbean (66k)PIN
1-9813Between the Wars (304k) PIN
1-2251Binge Drinking (68k)
Backyard Safari series (217k)
1-8280Brain and Spinal Cord (256k) PIN
5-4483Bread Is For Eating
Reading Rainbow series (66k)
1-8754Bread: From Farm to Table (550k) PIN
1-24960Bully No More: Stopping The Abuse (93k) PIN
9-7321Burden Of Knowledge (48k)
Backyard Safari series (189k)
1-2278Butterflies: Amazing Insects (65k)
1-8809Canadian Way of Life (639k) PIN
5-4523The Carousel
Reading Rainbow series (69k)
1-8998Cells: The Building Blocks Of Life Biology Essentials series CD-ROM (82k)
5-1029A Chair For My Mother ~ ESL
Reading Rainbow series (3177k)
5-2193Character Way - Grades 1-2 (318k) PIN
5-2194Character Way - Grades 3-4 (322k) PIN
5-2195Character Way - Grades 5-6 (328k) PIN
1-8500Children of the Panamanian Rain Forest (295k) PIN
1-9108Choke (78k)
1-8281Circulation Of The Blood (350k) PIN
1-9080Classification: Bringing Order To Diversity
Biology Essentials series CD-ROM (77k)
Backyard Safari series (155k)
Backyard Safari series (154k)
1-9293CPR for Infants and Children (215k)
2-5136Crack (85k)
1-2292The Day I Died (85k)
1-9816Darkest Hour (277k) PIN
1-8149Density In Gases (267k) PIN
1-8148Density In Liquids (260k) PIN
1-8150Density In Solids (149k)PIN
Backyard Safari series (153k)
1-9264Dolphins, the Environment and You (57k)
1-8397Ecosystem of a pond (1.2mb) PIN
1-8381Electrical Current And Magnetism (274k) PIN
1-9093Electricity: The Invisible River Of Energy (62k)
1-9818End of the Ordeal (467k) PIN
9-7752Facing Death - Practical Planning and Legal Issues (65k)
1-8790Field Trip to the Oil Refinery (10.1 mb) PIN
1-8560First Look at Farm Animals (334k) PIN
5-4589Flirting Or Hurting (86k)
5-4491Fly Away Home
Reading Rainbow series (76k)
1-9098Force And Work: Energy In Action (61k)
1-9822Fragile Balance (497k) PIN
1-9268Future Fright: Losing the Bill Of Rights (57k)
1-9267Gangs: The Tough Decision to Stay Out (59k)
1-9078Genetics And Heredity: The Blueprint Of Life
Biology Essentials series CD-ROM (82k)
1-9083Geology Of The Earth: Of Forces, Rocks And Time
Earth Science Essentials series CD-ROM (58k)
5-4522Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning
Reading Rainbow series (70k)
1-9107Glass Guns (78k)
1-9109Gloss (74k)
1-9700Grand Canyon Chronicles (1.7 mb) PIN
5-49160Good Bodies (379k) PIN
1-8995Health: Exercise, Nutrition, and Sleep (47k)
1-9095Heat And Changing States Of Matter (74k)
1-9811Heat: Molecules In Motion
2nd Edition (82k)
9-1206Hello In There (593k) PIN
4-9422High Impact Crane Safety
5-1032Hill Of Fire ~ ESL
Reading Rainbow series (1584k)
5-4520Hip Cat
Reading Rainbow series (73k)
1-9273The History Game: Entertainment - Between the Great Wars (59k)
1-9279The History Game: African American Heroes of Sport (59k)
1-9275The History Game: Heroes at Sport (59k)
1-9277The History Game: Heroes of Aviation (59k)
1-9278The History Game: Heroes of Exploration (59k)
1-9285The History Game: Heroes of Science (59k)
1-9276The History Game: Industry - The Rise of Big Business (59k)
1-9272The History Game: National Politics - The Cold War (59k)
1-9274The History Game: National Politics - Harding, Coolidge, Hoover, Al Smith (60k)
1-9284The History Game: The United Nations (59k)
1-9281The History Game: World War II - The Allies (59k)
1-9280The History Game: World War II - The Axis (59k)
1-9283The History Game: World War II - Europe (59k)
1-9282The History Game: World War II - The Pacific (59k)
1-9086The History Of The Earth:
Over The Eons
5-4484Hotel Animal
Reading Rainbow series (72k)
5-4495How Much Is A Million?
Reading Rainbow series (77k)
5-4493How To Make An Apple Pie And See The World
Reading Rainbow series (60k)
2-5133How To Tell If A Kid Is On Drugs And What To Do About It (85k)
1-8879How The Body Works:
Skin, Bones And Muscles
1-8997The Human Body:
The Ultimate Machine

Biology Essentials series CD-ROM (82k)
1-8495Human Brain (302k) PIN
1-8282Human Digestive System (623k) PIN
8-5000In Their Own Words: Changed By Fire (40k)
All About Animals series (1.1 mb)
1-8599Insects and How They Live (870k) PIN
1-8393Insects: Reproduction & Metamorphosis (1.6 mb) PIN
1-8020Investigating The Nervous System (171k) PIN
1-8481Journey To The Moon
Adventures In Space series (166k)
1-9997Jungle for Joey (368k) PIN
1-8465Kenyan Way of Life (379k) PIN
1-8283Kidney Functions (306k) PIN
5-4795Know It All series (793k) PIN
1-4039Learning About Air
Learning About Science series (278k)
1-4044Learning About Light
Learning About Science series (505k)
1-4045Learning About Liquids, Solids & Gases
Learning About Science series (274k)
1-8598Learning About Science: Flowers Learning About Science series (6.8 mb) PIN
1-4020Learning About Solar Energy
Learning About Science (216k)
1-4059Learning About Sound
Learning About Science (165k)
1-4042Learning About Water
Learning About Science series (302k)
1-8390Let’s All Recycle (452k) PIN
5-1016Liang And The Magic Paintbrush ~ ESL
Reading Rainbow series (1683k)
1-9097Lights, Lenses, Losers (73k)
1-8023Living Cells (308k) PIN
1-8024Living Soil (69k)
1-9830Living Trees (877k) PIN
1-9286Locked Out (59k)
5-4328The Lotus Seed ~ ESL
Reading Rainbow series (1187k)
1-8018Lungs (458k) PIN
1-8019Mammalian Heart (285k) PIN
1-2254Marijuana: The Gateway Drug (66k)
5-4394Martha Speaks
Reading Rainbow series (83k)
1-9812 Mass And Density: Investigating Matter (174k) PIN
1-9087Matter: Form And Substance In The Universe (61k)
1-8462McGruff and Drug-free Kids (435k) PIN
1-8751McGruff On Dangerous Strangers (212k) PIN
1-8878Meiosis And Mitosis: Fertilization And Sexual Reproduction (325k) PIN
1-9848Mexican Way of Life (696k) PIN
1-9775Microbes: Bacteria and Fungi (302k) PIN
1-9092Mixtures: Together But Separate (73k)
1-9096Motion: Newton's Three Laws (62k)
Mr-KIOMr. Know It Owl series (520k)
5-1252My Little Island ~ ESL
Reading Rainbow series (1664k)
1-9777Newton’s Law Of Motion: Demonstration Of Mass Force Momentum (211k) PIN
5-21920Not For Sale: Ethics In The Workplace (775k) PIN
1-9081Oceans: Charting The Vastness
Earth Science Essentials series CD-ROM (56k)
5-4519On The Day You Were Born Reading Rainbow series (73k)
1-8755Oranges: From Farm to Table (739k) PIN
1-8877Our Living World:
1-9819Out of the Ashes (295k) PIN
Reading Rainbow series (66k)
Backyard Safari series (215k)
5-1246The Paper Crane ~ ESL
Reading Rainbow series (1274k)
5-45930Parasite Sleuth - Activity Book
Wonder Wise series (2.7mb)
5-45931Parasite Sleuth, Judy Sakanari - Biography
Wonder Wise series (750k)
1-9090Periodic Table:
Reactions And Relations
1-8151Phase Changes (295k) PIN
1-8022Plants In Action (2.5 mb) PIN
1-9820Policing the Peace (399k) PIN
5-45910Pollen Detective Activity Book
Wonder Wise series (2.1mb)
5-45911Pollen Detective, Peg Bolick - Biography
Wonder Wise series (2.3mb)
1-9815Prelude to War (322k) PIN
5-21890Proud To Be Polite - 1 (497k) PIN
5-21900Proud To Be Polite - 2 (2624k) PIN
5-2338Raccoons And Ripe Corn ~ ESL
Reading Rainbow series (2287k)
5-45920Rainforest Ecologist - Activity Book
Wonder Wise series (2.3mb)
5-45921Rainforest Ecologist, Janalee Caldwell - Biography
Wonder Wise series (850k)
The Chemistry Of Change
5-4372Reading Rainbow Curriculum index (187k)
1-1005Reading With Peter Cottontail: Condor's Secret (654k) PIN
1-1001Reading With Peter Cottontail: The Chase (2.1 mb) PIN
9-7413Recognizing And Responding To Emotion In Persons With Dementia(58k)
Protecting Our Environment Series (85k)
5-4521Regina's Big Mistake
Reading Rainbow series (68k)
1-9266Resisting Peer Pressure (60k)
Protecting Our Environment Series (203k)
1-8787Robins and How They Live (1.2 mb) PIN
5-4584Rocks and Minerals
Backyard Safari series (170k)
1-2282Scared Straight! Twenty Years Later (57k)
5-45903Sea Otter Biologist - Activity Book
Wonder Wise series (4.6mb)
5-45901Sea Otter Biologist - Biography
Wonder Wise series (4.6mb)
1-9814Seed of Discord (289k) PIN
1-8767Sharks and Rays: Perfect Predators (341k) PIN
1-9776Simple And Compound Machines (70k)
5-4396The Sign Painter's Dream
Reading Rainbow series (86k)
1-9084The Solar System:
Our Neighbours In Space
5-4485Someplace Else
Reading Rainbow series (85k)
5-4330Stellaluna ~ ESL
Reading Rainbow series (2118k)
1-9257Steroids: Bulking Up Can Kill (69k)
1-9118Stess Management: A Practical Approach (49k)
1-9260Substance Abuse:
A Road To Nowhere
1-9298The Teen Files: Smoking—Truth Or Dare (60k)
1-2255The Teen Files: The Truth About Drinking (72k)
1-2279The Teen Files: The Truth About Hate (60k)
1-2343The Teen Files: The Truth About Sex (59k)
1-2500The Teen Files: The Truth About Violence (43k)
1-9299Teen Pregnancy: Children Having Children(1.1mb)
5-1021Three By The Sea ~ ESL
Reading Rainbow series (1778k)
5-1248A Three Hat Day ~ ESL
Reading Rainbow series (1580k)
1-9291Through the Eyes of a Child: Reducing the Trauma of Child Removal (214k)
Backyard Safari series (173k)
1-8382Trees: Evergreen and Deciduous (302k) PIN
1-2253Tobacco X-files (64k)
2-5134The Truth About Alcohol (90k)
1-9817Turning Point (371k) PIN
5-4268TV Planet (562k) PIN
5-4492Uncle Jed's Barbershop
Reading Rainbow series (77k)
1-9082The Universe: The Vast Frontier
Earth Science Essentials series CD-ROM (58k)
1-8584User's Guide to Planet Earth (332k) PIN
1-9110Wake Up Call (86k)
5-1038Watch The Stars Come Out ~ ESL
Reading Rainbow series (2478k)
Backyard Safari series (180k)
1-9094Waves:Energy In Motion (74k)
1-9085Weather: The Chaos Which Surrounds Us (49k)
1-8999The Web Of Life:
Producer To Preditor

Biology Essentials series CD-ROM (76k)
5-4588What Kids Want To Know About Sex And Growing Up (283k) PIN
1-9269What's Right With America (57k)
1-8402Wind, Fronts and Storms (490k) PIN
5-4393Wonderful Towers of Watts
Reading Rainbow series (86k)
5-4587Working Together
Backyard Safari series (194k)
1-8380World of Protozoa (372k) PIN
1-9079The World’s Biomes:
Desert To Rainforest

Biology Essentials series CD-ROM (62k)
1-8223Worms and How They Live (496k) PIN
5-4486Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin
Reading Rainbow series (73k)
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