Canadian Learning Company®
Founded in 1978 as a producer and distributor of educational media, CLC has grown steadily to become one of the leading distributors in Canada by working in close partnership with customers and producers. Over 8,000 titles are currently in distribution.

26,000 customers buy video, videodisc, film and stock footage on a regular basis. Most represent institutions in which professionals use media to educate, train, and communicate with audiences including young children and students of all ages ... to medical and nursing students ... to employees, patients, and parents.

102 different production agencies ranging from independents to universities to the largest television producers are represented. Most programs originate in the U.S. and include the prestigious Children's Television Workshop, creators of Sesame Street, to Great Plains National co-producer of the Emmy award winning PBS series Reading Rainbow.

CLC has enjoyed long-term relationships with Aims Media, California (now one of the top three U.S. producers of educational programs), The American Journal of Nursing, and Pyramid Films.

Canadian sources have not been neglected. These include a small group of independent producers and institutions like Simon Fraser University.

Many programs are edited or versioned for sale to specific markets including translation and editing into French. Programs are distributed on a sole source or exclusive basis.

Sales representatives contact customers via telephone, personal presentations, letters, and custom tailored proposal selling. All sales people have backgrounds in education, business, or nursing. Sales representatives are organized by both geographic territory and specialized content areas. Larger customers are visited by sales representatives at least twice per year.

Marketing specialists develop plans for each program, series, and market. Packaging, leader's guides, direct mail promotions, postcards, advertisements, and posters are created on a state-of-the-art desktop publishing system. Campaigns totaling 350,000 items are distributed annually. Selected conferences, conventions, and festivals are supported and used to promote products.

By applying professional sales and marketing techniques, CLC has become a leader in its respective markets. Continuous investments in high quality programs have resulted in growth far above the industry norm.

Developed by CLC with Canada Post, remote desk top publishing (RDP) is a pioneering venture unique in the world. It is an electronic service, meaning that our desktop publishing leaves Toronto with our mailing database, is printed, addressed, inserted and processed in Ottawa and in the mail stream in two days! At considerable savings. Our annual volume of direct mail in fiscal 95-96 will reach or exceed 300,000 pieces. RDP has allowed us to forsake the comprehensive catalog for individually tailored pieces for the markets served and made frequency and reach financially possibility.

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