Author: Ann Turner

Illustrator: James Graham Hale

Publisher: A Charlotte Zolotow Book

Description: Through Moon and Stars and Night Skies by Ann Turner, illustrated by James Graham Hale, is a tender story about a family formed through adoption. People everywhere talk about the ups and downs of life as fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and more. It s a show everyone can relate to.

Activity Suggestion: Organize a "Take a Backpack Home" project. Prepare two or three backpacks with different types of books and activities that can be enjoyed by families. Inform families of the project ahead of time at a parent meeting or by sending a note home. In the backpack include clear instructions about the project, a list of what is in the backpack, and tips on what the families can do with it. Check out backpacks to students for two or three days. Ask that families include a note reporting how the pack was used.

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