Author: David Lyon

Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books (pb. Mulberry Books, an imprint of William Morrow & Co.)

Description: Egbert, a carved wooden duck, doesn't mean to take a trip around the world, but that's what happens in THE RUNAWAY DUCK. In this funny and compelling story, Egbert's travels are delightfully chronicled as he travels in air, on land, and at sea. LeVar takes his own trip to Maryland's Chesapeake Bay to learn about waterfowl, nature's special birds. Viewers will also get a glimpse of the intricate art of duck carving, and see (as well as hear) how expert duck callers call a duck.

Activity Suggestion: Obtain inexpensive plastic wheels from a craft store and a variety of materials (such as, cans, bottles, tubes, cardboard, pipe cleaners, string), so that students can make a three-dimensional pull toy. Be sure to have them come up with a plan first.

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