Author: Eileen Christelow

Publisher: Clarion Books/Ticknor Fields: A Houghton Mifflin Co.

Narrated by: Peter Falk

Description: Can a talkative chicken named Gloria Feathers outwit a couple of Diamond Robber Mutts? This story unfolds in THE ROBBERY AT THE DIAMOND DOG DINER. LeVar goes behind the grill at Rosie's Diner and gets a quick lesson on becoming a short-order cook. Viewers also get a close-up look at how pasta is made.

Activity Suggestion: Ask students to pretend they own a diner and have them create a name for the diner, placemats, menu, and a description of what the place would look like, along with a description of regular customers who frequented the diner. Provide art materials so they can actually design placemats and menus to bring the diner to life. (You may want to bring in samples of placemats and menus to inspire these designs.) Finished projects can be displayed on a bulletin board.

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