Author: Charlotte Pomerantz

Publisher: Macmillan Publishing Co.

Narrated by: Dixie Carter

Description: This delightful book tells the story of one quirky family's adventure during a spring flood. LeVar takes a look at dramatic weather from blizzards to tornadoes, and everything in between. A news reporter gives an eyewitness account of Hurricane Hugo and the courageous people who weathered the storm. LeVar takes viewers behind the scenes as THE PIGGLY IN THE PUDDLE is brought to life through the art of clay animation. From painting and sculpting the characters, to the painstaking process of filming the action frame by frame, the secrets of claymation are revealed.

Activity Suggestion: Have a class discussion about mud--What's it like? Is it fun? What's it made of? Then take the experience from words to the tactile--create a mud center using sand, dirt and water mixed together in a big tub--and explore the qualities of mud.

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