Author: Molly Bang

Publisher: Greenwillow Books (pb. Mulberry Books, an imprint of William Morrow & Co.)

Description: A generous restaurant owner receives a wonderful magical gift from a stranger in THE PAPER CRANE. LeVar celebrates Japanese culture by visiting Gasho of Japan in Central Valley, New York. Surrounded by lush gardens, LeVar dons a kimono and steps into the enchanting world of Japan, exploring the ancient art of origami and the artistry of a Japanese vegetable carver at work. As a special highlight, LeVar joins Soh Daiko, an energetic and colorful group of Japanese dancers, as they perform the celebratory festival of the drums.

Activity Suggestion: The illustrations in THE PAPER CRANE are done with a cut-out, collage technique. Show the students this unusual style by passing around a copy of the book. Compare these illustrations to those in another children's book. Encourage students to discuss how the styles are different and alike.

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