Author: Joanna Cole

Illustrator: Bruce Degen

Publisher: Scholastic Hardcover (pb. Scholastic Inc.)

Description: THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS INSIDE THE EARTH is a hilarious science adventure that follows a quirky teacher and her students on a field trip they will never forget. LeVar goes on his own adventure when he visits California Caverns and explores the mysterious world inside the earth. Viewers see and learn about stalagmites, stalactites and many other exciting crystal formations, while LeVar experiences the thrill of "spelunking" (or cave exploring) with a real-life cave expert.

Activity Suggestion: It is human nature to be curious about what's inside a machine or object. Collect several objects that children can take apart to examine. (This can be a mix of objects from old alarm clocks and irreparable small appliances to a pomegranate. However, exercise care when using appliances and other powered objects--there may be batteries with acid or other components that would be unsafe to puncture or open.) Have the children describe what surprises they find inside the objects and the purpose of the different parts.

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