Author: Paula Z. Hogan

Illustrator: Geri K. Strigenz

Publisher: Raintree Publishers Inc.

Description: Where does honey come from? And how is it made? These are just some of the questions answered in THE LIFE CYCLE OF THE HONEYBEE. LeVar's curiosity is satisfied when he visits a real-life beekeeper and examines a beehive close-up. Viewers will learn how honey is extracted from combs and how important the queen bee is to a well-organized hive.

Activity Suggestion: The class can create a "honeycomb" of bee facts at an activity suggestion center. Set out several books about bees, and provide paper pieces cut into the shape of a honeycomb cell. Students can visit the center and read about bees. When they find a new bee fact, they can write it on a piece of the hexagonal paper and add it to a growing honeycomb bulletin board.

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