Authors: Marc Brown and Laurene Krasny Brown

Publisher: Atlantic Monthly Press/Little, Brown and Co.

Description: In real life, Wilbur is an ordinary rabbit. But when he goes to work each morning, he becomes TV's superhero--star of THE BIONIC BUNNY SHOW. Viewers go behind the scenes of STAR TREK: NEXT GENERATION where LeVar plays Lt. Geordi LaForge. They learn about the making of a television show form both in front of and behind the camera.

Activity Suggestion: Making a flip book is a great way to teach sequencing. Provide one small, white note pad for each child. Have the students plan what they want to illustrate and review each stage of movement. For example, if a child chooses to show the beginning of a ball bouncing, a group of flowers, or a car racing, then they begin to draw on the last page of the pad. On each page to come, they continue to draw the same picture but with very slight changes. When completed, have the children trade flip books with each other.

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