Authors: Debra and Sal Barracca

Illustrator: Mark Buehner

Publisher: Dial Books for Young Readers (A division of Penguin Books USA Inc.)

Narrated by: Vincent Gardenia

Description: THE ADVENTURES OF TAXI DOG follows a day in the life of a dog befriended by a New York City cabbie. Grab a seat next to LeVar as he gets behind the wheel of a New York City taxi cab. Laugh as you watch the many interesting and unusual ways that people hail taxi cabs. Viewers will also find out how a dog can be not only a best friend, but, for a young girl in Colorado, a vital necessity for everyday life.

Activity Suggestion: Read the dedication the authors made in this book. (For all the homeless and abused creatures of the world--may they all find peace some day.) Discuss why they might have chosen this dedication and then have the class talk about what can be done so there are fewer homeless and abused animals.

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