Author: Tricia Tusa

Publisher: Macmillan Publishing Company

Description:  In STAY AWAY FROM THE JUNKYARD! by Tricia Tusa, Theodora wanders into the forbidden junkyard where she discovers that, although some things may appear old and useless at first glance, there are creative ways to give them purpose. Viewers meet an artist who collects what some people may consider junk. The artist then transforms these everyday junk objects into beautiful artwork.

Activity Suggestion: To share in the fun of Otis and Theo's junk creation, have the class decide on a theme for a collage project. They can list and collect household items that would be useful for this project (i.e., styrofoam, toothpicks, cottonballs, buttons, yogurt containers, string, scraps of material), and then create their own **junk** collage on a large piece of cardboard. Read Shel Silverstein's poem **Garbage** to conclude (or inspire) this activity.

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