Retold and illustrated by: Paul O. Zelinsky

Publisher: E. P. Dutton

Description: The classic fairy tale RUMPELSTILTSKIN comes to life when LeVar visits a Renaissance festival in Agoura Hills, California. Viewers experience what it was like to live in the days of lords, kings and queens, and knights in shining armor. LeVar explores the festival where daily life is reenacted and traveling performers such as minstrels and jesters all take part in the fanfare.

Activity Suggestion: Let the student practice a very simple weaving technique without a loom. Give them an equal amount of yarn (the thicker the better) in two colors. One color should be lined up with each piece next to the other on the desk. Scotch-tape one side to the desk. Explain the over/under weaving process and have students weave the other color yarn into the "warp" they've already created. The finished product can be attached to paper and glued along edges.

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