Author: Jim Arnosky

Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books

Description: Jim Arnosky's beautifully illustrated books, RACOONS AND RIPE CORN, DEER AT THE BROOK and COME OUT, MUSKRATS provide the inspiration for LeVar to learn about wildlife watching. He joins Jim Arnosky for a day of exploration and finds out how to play detective in the wild. Grab your binoculars, grab your waders and you're off in search of wild animals. Teeth marks on twigs are a good sign that beavers are nearby. If you look closely at the tree trunks, you might see tiny porcupine claw marks. Get a close look at raccoon paw prints and learn how to tell if they were drinking from the brook or just passing by. If you keep your eyes open and listen closely, you could become a wildlife detective yourself!

Activity Suggestion: Writer and artist Jim Arnosky talks about spending long hours quietly watching and sketching animals and their environment. He mentions that he doesn't always see the animals, but finds many clues that they are there. Have students observed similar clues? What were the clues (tracks, droppings, nests, etc.?) Did they ever see the animal?

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