Authors: Arline and Joseph Baum

Publisher: Viking Penguin (A division of Penguin Books, USA Inc.)

Description: Seeing isn't always believing, especially in a book called OPT: AN ILLUSIONARY TALE. Join LeVar as he enters the pages of OPT and walks through a world made up of optical illusions. Viewers will see for themselves how the eye can be fooled, and meet a talented painter who specializes in art that tricks the eye.

Activity Suggestion: Encourage children to use visual imagination by discussing and demonstrating how an indistinct squiggle can be turned into a duck, a person or almost anything. Distribute a variety of squiggles and odd shapes, and encourage students to use their imagination to create a drawing. This can be even more challenging if they create two drawings in one--so the drawing is two different things depending on which way the paper is turned. Ask each child to show their drawing and tell about how they created it.

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