Author: Trinka Hakes Noble

Illustrator: Tony Ross

Publisher: Dial Books for Young Readers

Description: "Home, home on the range..." While Rancher Hicks drives to Sleepy Gulch in MEANWHILE BACK AT THE RANCH, he misses a very eventful, surprise-filled day back home. LeVar experiences the Old West as he rides a stagecoach across the Arizona desert and visits Old Tucson, an authentic western town. He also gets a taste of life as a cowboy when he dons true western garb, complete with spurs, chaps and an official ten-gallon hat. As an added treat, viewers meet a talented stunt woman who demonstrates rope tricks and thrilling stunts on horseback.

Activity Suggestion: Have students write a HELP WANTED--NEED A COWBOY/COWGIRL ad that lists the skills needed on the job, the pay, the starting date, and any other things they think are necessary (i.e., horse clothing, rope bedrolls, etc.).

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