Author: Margaret K. Wetterer

Illustrator: Karen Ritz

Publisher: Carolrhoda Books, Inc.

Narrated by: Brian Dennehy

Description: All aboard! Join LeVar on Amtrak's Coast Starlight train as he travels up the California coastline. Inspired by the heroic true story, KATE SHELLEY AND THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS' viewers will take a tour through the engineer's cab and take a trip back in train history.

Activity Suggestion: KATE SHELLEY AND THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS is a biography--a true story about a real person. Discuss how an author can get the facts to write a biography. Then have students gather facts about an event that involved a family member or friend (a friend lost a tooth, a sister had her tonsils out, an uncle went on a trip), and write or tape record a "biographical" story.

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