Author: Gerald Aschenbrenner

English adaptation: Joanne Fink

Publisher: Silver Burdett Press (A division of Simon & Schuster)

Description: JACK, THE SEAL AND THE SEA tells the heartfelt story of a man who, after finding an ailing seal, can no longer ignore the sorry state of our world's seas. Inspired by this moving book, LeVar goes on a Discovery Voyage in the San Francisco Bay to learn more about the preservation of our water and ways we can preserve the oceans. On this floating laboratory, he looks at a variety of marine life, from the smallest the eye can see, to an amazing leopard shark. Viewers also get a first-hand look at the clean-up effort after a disastrous oil spill in Alaska.

Activity Suggestion: Organize a schoolyard cleanup. Provide a bag and gloves for each child to assist in the cleanup. (Warn children to be very careful with broken glass.) Upon returning to the classroom, ask the children to deposit their trash in appropriate recycle and trash containers. Discuss where non-recycled trash goes and how long it can take for all types of trash to decompose. Attach items made out of various materials (e.g.. paper cup, writing paper, styrofoam container, glass bottle, etc.) to a board located near a classroom window and have the class monitor how they decompose.

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