Author: Megan McDonald

Illustrated by: S. D. Schindler

Publisher: Orchard Books

Description: Finding the right home becomes particularly important when that home is carried around on your back. IS THIS A HOUSE FOR HERMIT CRAB? takes a light-hearted look at animal habitats and shows LeVar building a house for his favorite flying friends in his own backyard.

Activity Suggestion: Build bird feeders using a half gallon plastic milk container. Cut out a space from the front of the jug so the birds can get to the seed, add a piece of string around the handle for hanging, and fill with birdseed. Create a second feeder by smearing peanut butter on pinecones and hanging them up with a string. Select a bird-friendly place (away from predators and near bushes or trees) to hang the feeders. Observe what birds use each feeder.

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