Authors: Wendy Tokuda and Richard Hall

Illustrator: Hanako Wakiyama

Publisher: Heian International, Inc.

Description: In the story based on the journey of a California humpback whale, HUMPHREY THE LOST WHALE: A TRUE STORY follows the amazing journey of "wrong-way" Humphrey as he finds his way back to the sea with the help of some friends. Humphrey's story, read by Jane Pauley, inspires LeVar to spend the day at sea on a whale-watching adventure where he uncovers some of the mysteries of the majestic humpback whale.

Activity Suggestion: In the story, Humphrey becomes lost and swims into San Francisco Bay in California. Have the students locate California and the San Francisco Bay on a map of the United States and have them trace Humphrey's trip. Extend this activity by labeling classroom walls with the proper direction--North, South, East, West--and have students practice giving directions using those terms.

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