Reading Rainbow: Hill of Fire


Author: Thomas P. Lewis

Illustrator: Joan Sandin

Publisher: Harper & Row (pb. Harper & Row Trophy)

Narrated by: Fernando Escandon

Description: Amongst rumbling earthquakes, molten lava, and fountains of fire a volcano is born in a poor farmer's corn field in the feature book HILL OF FIRE, based on the true story of the eruption of Paricutin volcano in Mexico. At Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii, LeVar is perched 2,000 feet from a major eruption of Kilauea Volcano. For this show, Reading Rainbow's crew captured spectacular original footage of Kilauea's eruption in March, 1985.

Activity Suggestion: Have the students imagine that a nearby mountain is a volcano that has just erupted. Decide on what the pertinent facts are about the eruption (who, what, when, where, why). Students can then choose how they want to report the event, i.e., write a radio news report, newspaperarticle or a television news report.

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