Reading Rainbow: Florence


Author: Jocelyn Wild

Publisher: Dial Books for Young Readers

Narrated by: Julia Child

Description: FLORENCE AND ERIC TAKE THE CAKE is a delightful tale of good intentions gone wrong, or, quite simply, a case of mistaken identity. This spirited, tongue-in-cheek story sets the stage for LeVar's own case of mistaken identity. LeVar takes a trip behind the scenes of the MovieLand Wax Museum in Buena Park, California, and gets a close-up look at how a wax figure is made and not just any wax figure at that! Viewers also get a glimpse of how some very talented bakers can make a cake look like just about anything.

Activity Suggestion: Acting out a story increases students' ability to remember and synthesize. Review FLORENCE AND ERIC TAKE THE CAKE, and then have the children make simple props. Assign parts, set up simple scenery and let several groups of children take turns acting out the story. (The class could also create puppets to tell the story.) Discuss how each group was different. How they were the same.

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