Author: Barbara Samuels

Publisher: Bradbury Press

Narrated by: Jane Curtin

Description: DUNCAN AND DELORES is a story about a little girl's attempts to win a cat's affection. LeVar travels to Marine World Africa USA in Vallejo, California, and learns how to befriend the king of beasts. Viewers also get a glimpse at how humans turn into cats when READING RAINBOW goes behind the scenes of the popular Broadway musical CATS.

Activity Suggestion: Help children discover the variety of ways to classify things. Assign each student the task of bringing in three different animal pictures to share with the class. Arranging the children in small groups, have them pool their pictures. Challenge the children to group the animals so someone else can look at the group and know what they have in common. After this is completed, have class members guess what rule the group used to classify their pictures.

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