Authors: Elizabeth Tayntor, Paul Erickson and Les Kaufman

Publisher: Crown Publishers, Inc.

Description: DIVE TO THE CORAL REEFS explores the strange and beautiful world that lies beneath the surface of the sea: the living coral reef. Inspired by this remarkable book, LeVar scuba dives in the coral reefs off the Florida Keys where he encounters tropical fish and a variety of fascinating coral. Viewers will also meet a reef doctor who restores life to damaged reefs by transplanting living coral.

Activity Suggestion: Have the class discuss how the definition of "ecosystem" (the complex of acommunity and its environment functioning as an ecological unit in nature) fits the undersea world of a coral reef. How do the plants and animals live together successfully in the coral reef? What role do humans play in the ecosystem? Are the creatures of the coral reef in any danger from mankind? Discuss other ecosystems in nature (e.g. a pond, a stream, a wooded lot, a saguaro cactus, etc.).

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