Author: George Ella Lyon

Illustrator: Stephen Gammell

Publisher: Orchard Books

Narrated by: Dixie Carter

Description: This delightful book tells the story of one quirky family's adventure during a spring flood. LeVar takes a look at dramatic weather from blizzards to tornadoes, and everything in between. A news reporter gives an eyewitness account of Hurricane Hugo and the courageous people who weathered the storm.

Activity Suggestion: Weather is a part of life--it influences what people wear and the type of houses they build. Ask students to list the types of weather they have experienced (rain, sun, clouds, snow, hail, hurricane, flood, tornado, fog, etc.). Then have them match the types of weather listed with the seasons in your area. Discuss the impact of each type of weather on their activities and what kinds of weather are special to the region or geographic area.

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