Reading Rainbow: Bored--Nothing to Do


Author: Peter Spier

Publisher: Doubleday

Description: BORED - NOTHING TO DO is a story about two boys who build their own plane out of backyard materials, and actually fly it. This exciting book inspires LeVar to take a flight lesson, and learn all about the miraculous feat of flying. Viewers go behind the scenes at an airport, and get a glimpse of the action that takes place before a plane takes off.

Activity Suggestion: Reading is a favorite pastime of many people and a good way to keep from being bored. Have each child read a book and then watch several READING RAINBOW book review segments. Discuss with the class what happened during the reviews and how each child "sold" his or her book. Make a list of the elements that appear in the reviews. Give volunteers an opportunity to plan and perform a READING RAINBOW book review for the class.

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