Reading Rainbow: Best Friends


Author: Steven Kellogg

Publisher: Dial Books for Young Readers

Description: In BEST FRIENDS, two best friends learn how to share a newborn puppy, and LeVar learns this too when he meets eight golden retriever puppies. There's a saying that a dog can be your best friend, and it is important to take care of that friend. But, some pets take care of people, like seeing-eye dogs. Viewers learn how these special dogs are trained to act as eyes for the blind people who really do depend on their best-friend dogs.

Activity Suggestion: Have students cut out pictures of dogs from magazines. Divide a piece of paper into fourths, putting each picture in a section. Underneath the photo have students label the picture with as many descriptive words as they can think of, such as, shaggy, tiny, short-haired, black and brown, or scary.

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