Reading Rainbow: Amazing Grace


Author: Mary Hoffman

Illustrator: Caroline Binch

Publisher: Dial Books for Young Readers, a division of Penguin Books USA Inc.

Narrated by: Tyne Daly

Description: Amazing Grace is a little girl who wants to be Peter Pan and refuses to let narrow thinking stand in her way. This inspiring story takes us on a journey where we meet other amazing women who have reached beyond stereotypes to pursue their dreams. In a warm and personal interview, Oscar-winning actor Whoopi Goldberg shares her own aspirations and triumphs.

Activity Suggestion: Grace--and the people in the program--have distinctive characteristics including how they look, as well as how they think and act. Have students do a "character collage" project about themselves. Provide loads of magazines, newspapers and old workbooks so they can cut out pictures and words that say something about their character.

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