Reading Rainbow: Alistair's Time Machine


Author: Marilyn Sadler

Illustrator: Roger Bollen

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers

Description: ALISTAIR'S TIME MACHINE is a delightful story about a boy who builds his own time machine. Meet a wacky woman inventor from the Stone Age, Thomas Edison and a clever machine from the future that has its own surprises for LeVar. Viewers will also discover some children with creative inventions of their own, and take a look at some amusing inventions from the past that never quite made it into today's lifestyle.

Activity Suggestion: The author Marilyn Sadler and illustrator Roger Bollen have written two other books, ALISTAIR'S ELEPHANT and ALISTAIR IN OUTER SPACE (which is also a READING RAINBOW book). Ask your librarian to find all three Alistair books. Read each story and list the order of events. See if the class can come up with their own Alistair adventure story (then create a big book to illustrate and tell the story)!

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