Reading Rainbow: Alistair in Outer Space


Author: Marilyn Sadler

Illustrator: Roger Bollen

Publisher: Prentice-Hall, Books for Young Readers

Description: ALISTAIR IN OUTER SPACE is a close encounter of the silliest kind. Alistair, that lovable, fastidious little boy, is on his way to return his books to the library when he is captured by a spaceship and whisked into space. His captors are two colorful and outlandish creatures called Goots. LeVar visits the Library of Congress in the nation's capital and plunges into a treasure hunt through several library departments.

Activity Suggestion: Students can make simple maps. Have them mark where they live on one end of a piece of paper and where the school is on the other end of the page. Direct children to draw in all streets and landmarks between the two places. Don't worry about their maps being accurate or to scale in this beginning mapping activity suggestion.

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