A storysong by: Pete Seeger

Illustrator: Michael Hays

Publisher: Macmillan Publishing Co.

Description: Based on a South African lullaby and folk story, ABIYOYO is a magical storysong. When a town is threatened by the terrible giant, Abiyoyo, a little boy and his father come up with a plan to save the townspeople. Music, in its different forms, can be a beautiful way to tell a story. Using an upbeat music-video format, LeVar reveals some of the ways a story can be told.

Activity Suggestion: Discuss with students how similes help us express ourselves more clearly. List on the chalkboard some examples of similes. Then ask the students to fill in the following to create their own: as soft as a (                 ); as funny as a (                 ); as strong as a (                 ); as windy as a (                 ).

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