Reading Rainbow: A Three Hat Day


Author: Laura Geringer

Illustrator: Arnold Lobel

Publisher: Harper & Row (pb. Harper & Row Trophy)

Description: Hats to where? Anywhere. Inspired by A THREE HAT DAY, LeVar can go anywhere just by changing the hat he wears. When he puts on a jockey's cap, LeVar visits a racetrack where he rides in a horse race and experiences the thrill of the winner's circle. And with the snap of a finger, or a change of a hat, LeVar joins the New York Islanders professional hockey team and learns what it's like to be a goalie. Just like R.R. Pottle the Third shows us in the featured book, dreams can come the change of a hat.

Activity Suggestion: During the program, LeVar is transformed by simply putting on a hat! Organize a project called "Hat for a Day." The student chooses a hat and does research on the job associated with it. The child may wear the hat all day and answer questions about the work associated with the hat.

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